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Having an Event? Think Online Invitations!

Online invitations are popular for parties and get-togethers; but, did you know that people also use online invitations for seminars, training sessions and even staff meetings?
Not only are online invitations more economical and 'green,' but you can receive your RSVPs online. You can then use that electronic consolidated guest list to confirm attendance and follow up after the event. Many of our invitation designs have matching reminder eCards and thank you eCards so your event communications can all have the same look.

Business Tip:

Tip of the Day: Ask your clients and customers what they want to learn more about from you and create a seminar or online tutorial/training session to address those needs. Online Invitations will make it easy for you to track attendance. Plus, an event will keep your company 'top of mind' when they need to hire your company's service. 

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