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New Year’s Animated eCard: New Year's Gears

2020 has been a year that will always be remembered as a year of change. As communities banded together to slow the global pandemic, everyday business - and life - changed dramatically. This year’s featured New Year's animated holiday eCard blends steampunk-themed imagery depicting the passage of time.

"With the new year that’s upon us, we look back and want to say…
We’re thankful for the friendships that support us every day.

Looking forward holds adventure for whatever we endeavor…
Let the toughest times pass swiftly and the good times last forever!

Wishing you the best of times in the coming year!"


Speakers up! Our New Year’s Gears holiday eCard features animation plus a jazzy rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

CorpNote members - to view more animated holiday eCards, type “animated” in the keyword search when you are selecting an eCard design.

Business Tip:

This animated New Year's holiday eCard is appropriate for all audiences - business, groups and organizations and personal

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Holidays: New Year

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