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Happy Halloween from the guys and ghouls at CorpNote! We're gearing up for the winter holiday season but we couldn't resist posting this fun Halloween eCard.
Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve, is observed around the world on October 31st which is the eve before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows. It is also the time of pagan harvest festivals, such as the Celtic holiday Samhain. To combat evil dead spirits, which might damage crops and cause other mayhem, the Celts would build bonfires and wear masks to blend in with the dead.
Scary stuff indeed! But today, Halloween in various countries is mostly about food and parties. In the US, kids knock on doors and beg for candy. Adults feel that kids should at least wear a costume in order to get the candy. If all goes well, there is plenty of Halloween candy left over and adults and kids alike are happy with their evening sugar rush.
There is a certain member of our staff who is known for eating a scary amount of M&M's this time of year - we're talking the 56 ounce bag and we won't mention any names! If you would like to know more of the skeletons in CorpNote's closet, check our Pic of the Day, every day, for some of our wackiest designs and behind the scenes scuttlebutt (if you dare).


This Halloween eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator. The tree, and sky all have a subtle texture that brightens this Halloween eCard and makes it cheery.

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