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Boss's Day is Coming Up!

Bosses Day is celebrated on October 16th in the US and Canada. It was made an official holiday in the early 1960's and is now observed in many countries including India, Australia, the United Kingdom.
Bosses Day eCards have been used by employees to thank their boss for being inspirational, for helping their employees succeed or for just being great to work with. There has been some criticism that there isn't an 'employee day' as well where bosses give tokens of thanks to their employees for doing a great job. (Maybe CorpNote should start one?)
This bosses day eCard design can be used with any message you type below the eCard.
Fun fact: Some employees are posting their Happy Bosses Day eCards on their bosses Facebook wall and other social media channels to show their appreciation.


This Bosses Day eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator. Blue is a popular business color and the stars add just the right bit of color and texture to brighten this eCard.

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