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A Happy Jack-o-Lantern Halloween eCard that Will Make you Smile

Jack-o-lantern Halloween eCard

Don't let this new jack-o-lantern Halloween eCard give you a fright! We're celebrating a 'cheery' Halloween with many of our new eCard designs this year. If you're not into cheery, don't worry, we have some 'darker' but elegant Halloween eCards on the way. Stay tuned and be sure to check our new eCards section frequently.

The jack-o-lantern on this eCard made us curious about the history of jack-o-lanterns. Apparently they were originally named after the phenomenon of a light flickering over England's peat bogs which was called will-o'-the-wisp or jack-o'-lantern. Wisps were bundles of straw that could be lit as a torch and lanterns were a more modern term for lighting in a more protective casing. In the case of jack-o-lanterns, the light is protected inside the pumpkin that has holes carved into it to expose the light.

We hope that you enjoy our new Halloween eCards this year. We also wish you a safe and happy Halloween!


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