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Holiday eCards should be sent in just a few weeks!

Sending holiday email and eCards is easy

Thanksgiving comes a little early this year, November 22nd, and many people will send their holiday eCards just after Thanksgiving. This new winter holiday eCard design is perfect for Season's Greetings or the New Year. Remember, New Year's eCards can be sent even into the 2nd week in January -- after the holiday rush.

With CorpNote, there is no limit on how many eCards you can send in a month. So, why not send your holiday eCards to go out just after Thanksgiving and then set your New Year's eCards to go out just before or after January 1st. You can do all of this now.

With CorpNote it's easy to "set it and forget it." We'll do the work for you. Set up your holiday eCards in your account and select the date you want for delivery. On that date, your ecards will automatically go to your recipients.

Happy Holidays!


This holiday eCard was designed in Adobe Illustrator. Did you know you can create your own holiday eCard designs from photos or artwork and upload them to your CorpNote account? View our tutorial to learn more: Create Your own Designs from Photos or Graphic Art

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