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Celebrate Christmas with this Traditional Style Holiday Greeting Card

Our new line of holiday eCards features gold foil and looks like a traditional printed greeting card.

This Christmas card has the classic look of gold foil and embossing that you would find with a traditional printed greeting card. Since many businesses are transitioning from traditional printed holiday greeting cards to eCards, it was our goal this year to emulate the look of printed greeting cards while still making it easy and more economical for businesses to send their year-end Season's Greetings as eCards.

Pine trees are symbols of the holiday season since they are one of the few trees that keep their foliage during the winter holiday season. They also live a long time – some pine trees are 1,000 years old with the oldest dated at 4,900 years old.


This holiday eCard design was created almost entirely with an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil in a graphic design program called Procreate. Did you know you can create your own holiday eCards from photos or artwork you design and then upload them into your CorpNote account? To learn more, view our tutorials and videos.

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Holidays: Christmas

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