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Udderly Ridiculous Birthday Greetings

We tend to be pretty business-like when we're creating cards. After all, we are an eCard service designed for business. But every now and again we need to have a little fun. And what can be more fun than making cows talk?

Even though the Season's Greetings and New Year's holiday eCard planning time is upon us, we've still been seeing a huge increase in the number of people sending electronic birthday cards. (I guess there is no "Birthday Season…") So if you're like me, and you know the birthday boy or girl pretty well, then a little tongue-in-cheek puniness is a welcomed change to proper workplace behavior and political correctness. And be sure to keep your eyes on CorpNote for some exciting upgrades to our electronic birthday card features, which will be coming soon! I guess you can say we're always moooooo-ving forward!


Today's Pic-of-the-Day was edited in photoshop. The main image was level and color corrected, and then the cow's open mouth and teeth were composited in from an iPhone 'selfie' taken by the artist. The titles were also added in Photoshop.

Business Tip:

This electronic birthday card breaks away from our "business proper" style of cards, and is appropriate for wishing birthday greetings in more casual settings.

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Occasions: Birthday

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