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Hot Drinks are the Theme to start this Holiday Season

This new winter themed holiday eCard can be sent to business associates and friends to wish them a happy holiday. Maybe include your favorite hot chocolate recipe or include an "I Owe You" for a trip to your local coffee shop? Whatever you decide to include in your holiday eCard, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

It could be the amazing assortment of flavored coffees, teas and hot chocolates available to our staff or the fact that Fall is actually starting to get chilly here in the Northeast but we are on a roll with the hot drink theme!


The cups and background were created in Adobe Photoshop and the snowflakes were created in Adobe Illustrator. To easily create unique 6 pointed snowflakes, we developed a special script that mirrors and rotates a basic shape, and acts like a kaleidescope.

You can create your own holiday eCards from your artwork or photos and upload them into your CorpNote account. Visit our eCard tutorials to learn more.

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Holidays: Season's Greetings, Winter

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