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Season’s Greetings Celebrating Joy, Peace and Love

This holiday eCard sends a warm sentiment this holiday season.

The holiday season is celebrated all over the world and encompasses many holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year. That's why many greeting cards have the traditional 'Seasons Greetings' text. But if you would prefer to send something with a 'warmer' sentiment, this new holiday eCard sends a warm wish for joy, peace and love.

Our elves have been busy creating holiday eCards with many different sayings that can be sent to business colleagues as well as friends and family; but did you know you can also create holiday eCard designs from your own photos? Just take a picture with your iPhone, iPad or other digital device, edit it in a graphic app of your choice and upload it into your CorpNote account right from your device. You then schedule your eCard now or on any date you choose. You can also change the design of your eCard and the text in your message up until the date your eCard is scheduled to be sent.

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Holidays: Season's Greetings

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Sharing joy, warmth, peace and love this holiday season

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