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Sparks are flying with this New Year's eCard

It's never too early or too late for New Year's resolutions.

Were you one of the many that scrambled last year in an effort to send out your holiday greeting cards? Did your "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" cards turn into a "Happy New Year" message because you were too late? Are you such a procrastinator that you wish someone would make a "I hope you've been enjoying the New Year" eCard? Well here's a golden nugget of information that might give you some peace this holiday season.

CorpNote lets you build your eCard address list and design your New Year's eCards right now. You can send your card now or schedule your eCard to be automatically sent any day in the future. That means you can get everything together now while you have the time, and not have to worry about sending your eCards when the crushing pressure of the holidays are actually upon us! This is especially important to organizations that require committee approval on their end of year holiday eCard message and design.


This holiday eCard design uses a background of repeating text to create not only an underlying message, but a textured visual backdrop for the main message.

Business Tip:

The text on this eCard - "Season's Greetings - Holiday Cheer" and "Warmest Wishes" - makes it a perfect non-secular holiday + New Year's eCard for all business contacts.

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Holidays: New Year, Season's Greetings

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