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Holiday eCards, the Season of Giving and Saying Thank You

This holiday eCard celebrates the “season of giving” presents. This time of year we have holidays like Chanukah and Christmas, which encourage gift giving. There’s also Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are almost holidays in their own right. We give gifts at work, at family gatherings, to a holiday party host or hostess - that’s a lot of gift buying and giving! And many stores count on this time of year to give their yearly profits a healthy boost.

This is also CorpNote’s busiest time of year. Our members are sending corporate Season’s Greetings eCards and holiday party invitations as well as less formal holiday eCards to their friends and families. They’re also sending thank you eCards for all those gifts they’re receiving too!

So, here's your friendly reminder to not forget to send thank you eCards for the presents you receive this year. A thank you eCard is more formal than just an email or text and quicker to send than writing and mailing a traditional thank you card. If you receive a lot of gifts this time of year, you might also consider creating a thank you eCard template to make the process even quicker. You can edit a template, to customize your message further, but still be able to send a thank you card in 60 seconds or less.

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