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Let it Snow! Season's Greeting's that Sparkle...

Let it snow! We've already had a little bit of snow here in the Northeast US. This was a GREAT excuse to break out the hot chocolate and apple cider and play holiday music. What a fantastic way to get in the mood to create holiday eCard designs!
Our little elves have been busy this year on our latest holiday eCards like this one. Did you know you can create your holiday eCards and schedule them to be sent on any date you choose? You can also change the design of your holiday eCard and the text in your message up until the date your eCard is scheduled to be sent.


This holiday eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator. Did you know you can create your own holiday eCard designs from your photos or artwork? See our tutorials for more information on how to make your holiday eCards extra special this year.

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Holidays: Season's Greetings

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