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Holiday eCards and the Meaning of Peace

You can never go wrong wishing people peace in your winter holiday eCards. Did you know that the word peace comes from the Latin 'pax' meaning 'freedom from civil disorder.' It later became used as a personal greeting to others much like the Hebrew word Shalom. Today, peace often refers to the absence of hostility and a sense of tolerance among people.

This holiday eCard has symbols of many different faiths. The dove is a Judaic and Christian symbol of hope in the Bible's story of Noah but doves are also respected in Islam because they are believed to have assisted the prophet Muhammad. The Jewish star, the Star of David, is easily recognizable in this eCard. Did you know it's also an ancient symbol called a hexagram? It has been used by many cultures and religions including Hinduism and Islam. The Christmas tree is a Christian symbol but it can also be seen as the 'Yule' tree which was a practice in ancient cultures of bringing live plants into the home during winter time. For them, the tree was a symbol of 'life' and was important symbolically during the 'dead' of winter.

Aside from the imagery in this holiday eCard, the word Peace also suggests health and prosperity. In times of peace, culture tends to flourish and human intellectual achievement and health is at its highest.


This winter season's greetings eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator.

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