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Some Countries Celebrate the New Year in Warm Weather with beaches, sun and sand...

On the U.S. east coast, where CorpNote is located, season's greetings eCards usually have images of snow and cool weather; but, there are many parts of the world that are experiencing summer during our winter holiday season. (Hello Australia! Or should I say G'day mate!) 
And then there are some people, regardless of the weather outside, that are just 'beachy' during the holidays. OK - that could be taken in one of two ways.  So...For those of you who want to bring in the New Year with sand and seashells -- Voila! Here's a New Year's eCard that's bright, sunny and well...Beachy!
To everyone all over the world, have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!


This photo was taken on a secluded beach in South Carolina. This beach had a policy that no shells were to be removed from the beach under penalty of a steep monetary fine! For a photographer, this makes for an amazing day at the beach with all kinds of treasures to capture on film.  The water sparkle is natural. Sand can sometimes look gray or green so the image was slightly warmed up in Photoshop by shifting the color balance more towards the warmer reds and yellows.

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