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Hot off the Presses – Our New Gray and Gold Season’s Greetings Card

This holiday eCard sends a wish for a very happy holiday season.

This new holiday eCard looks like a traditional printed greeting card with the metallic gold foil for the letters and the frame combined with the embossing of the holly leaves but you can send it as an eCard. It has already become a favorite for businesses sending their year-end Season’s Greetings so we also made this design available as a thank you eCard and as an invitation.

Many of us are receiving gifts this season and in most cases saying 'thank you' in an email or text just isn't thoughtful enough but it’s a busy time of year so a handwritten note often doesn’t happen. That's where sending a thank you eCard comes in handy – it saves time, postage and you can very quickly let someone know how much you appreciate their gift.


In many of our ‘Pics of the Day,’ we include how we made the eCard design so graphic designers, photographers and ‘makers’ can get inspiration for creating their own unique eCard designs. Here’s today’s tip…

This new holiday eCard was created using two graphic design programs. The Holly elements were created using Procreate on an iPad Pro and then the design was arranged using Adobe Photoshop. We created a second layer of holly leaves to create an ‘embossed’ effect. We then added the frames and the text and applied a gradient affect to add the illusion of gold foil.

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Holidays: Season's Greetings

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