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Moving Experiences

If your business move means that you need to notify customers or vendors of your new address, then eCards are a great way to get it done. Here are some advantages:

  • Providing your new contact information in an eCard means that people can copy and paste the new info into their address book or a mapping program.
  • You can compose and address your eCards in advance. If you know what date you are moving, you can schedule the eCard and that's one less detail you'll have to remember.
  • Another advantage to pre-composing your eCard is that moving dates can change. If your eCard is saved and ready to go, then it only takes a minute to send it when it's time to officially announce your new location.


Today's pic is part of our "Blue Art Deco" stationary line of eCards. Our stationary eCard sets contain many messages for a variety of business occasions. 

eCard Category:
Occasions: Moving/Address Change Stationery Sets: Blue Art Deco

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