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eCards for Giving Thanks for Gifts Received

As we were writing our latest newsletter about gift giving, we thought about the often overlooked art of sending a thank you note for gifts received during the holiday. While many people are often prompt with sending thank you notes or eCards for personal gifts; often times, corporate gifts go un-thanked. Let's change that!

This year we've added several new holiday themed thank you eCards. To help you be punctual in your responses, save a thank you eCard as a template so you can easily send it immediately when you receive a gift.

Thank you eCards can literally take under 60 seconds to send which is so much easier and faster than the traditional mailing of thank you notes. Plus you have the added benefit of seeing whether your recipient viewed your thank you eCard.

If you think there is nothing like a handwritten thank you note, then you might consider sending a prompt thank you eCard and then following up with a handwritten note in the mail.


This holiday thank you eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator. Snowflakes were fun and easy to make using the transform tool and reflecting the image 5 times to make a 6 sided snowflake.

Did you know you can upload your own thank you eCard designs from your own photos or artwork? Visit our tutorials to learn more.

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