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A Little Comic Relief

This year we have had an increase in requests for a 'hand drawn' look. Today we posted a miss you eCard with a good old fashioned comic style. Our hand drawn eCard line ranges from elegant to comic strip and is inspired by member requests.
This eCard was inspired by 2 work mates who used to work in the same department but are now in different locations. This miss you eCard could also be sent to someone who has retired from a company and you want to keep in touch.
CorpNote eCards are generally designed for business but many of our members also use it for personal eCards to friends and family.


This entire image was created on an iPad. What makes using an iPad for drawing so unique is you can draw just like you would on a paper tablet. You can also more easily erase without getting rubber shavings all over your lap! There are many art drawing tools for the iPad.
Did you know you can upload your own eCard designs? Check out our tutorials to learn more.

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