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Happy Holidays are more convenient with eCards and Online Shopping

CorpNote has noticed an increase in holiday eCard traffic every year since the day we started offering our service to the public (February 14, 2004). We have watched the eCard market change over the years, as far as style and overall preferences, but one thing that hasn't changed is holiday eCards are the number one use of our eCard service. Birthday eCards come in as a close second followed by thank you eCards.

Not only have we seen an increase in online holiday cards but shoppers also appear to be preferring to do their buying online as well this year.  Target reported that Thanksgiving Day was the best online shopping day for them ever and Wal-Mart reported Thanksgiving as its second highest ever. ComScore, an Internet analytics company, reported an online sales increase of over 25% on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

With 'smart' devices now so firmly entrenched in our lives, it's no wonder that eCards and overall online shopping is over taking the brick and mortar retail world. Online business is not only accepted but is becoming the norm. 

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