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Birthday Wishes Made Easy Year After Year

Automated email campaigns make it easy to send email birthday cards, year after year

CorpNote's Automated Email feature lets you automate the process of sending birthday cards (and any type of recurring email) year-after-year. We’re excited by the positive feedback and have been busy making new birthday cards like this one. If you haven’t already checked out how recurring automated birthday eCards work, here’s a brief overview:

  • Create and save the birthday eCard or email templates that you want to send
  • Create an email list of the contacts that you want to receive a recurring birthday eCard
  • Create an Email Automation campaign that automatically sends each contact one of the cards you have selected, each year on their birthday

Our email automation feature also works great for holidays, employee anniversaries, appointment reminders and more! To learn more about how it works, view our tutorial: Automated Email Campaigns

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