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Have you Scheduled your Christmas eCards?

This Christmas eCard celebrates the holidays with Christmas trees.

This festive Christmas eCard celebrates the icon symbol of the Christmas tree. Evergreen trees have been used for centuries to celebrate winter holidays because they keep their leaves during the cold days of winter, smell great and keep for long periods of time when cut. People decorate their trees with many different forms of ornamentation from fancy glass ornaments to home-made ornaments made from materials such as wood or clay. Families will often-times also have ornaments that have been handed down over the years making the holiday an extra special time to spend with the memories of loved ones.

We will be continuing to design new holiday eCards for Christmas and New Year’s for the next few weeks; but we’re also currently designing our Valentine’s Day eCard line too. Valentine’s Day is our second busiest time of year with businesses showing the ‘love’ to their customers.

So if you’re a forward thinker like us, once you finish scheduling your holiday eCards, you might want to start thinking of your next eCard campaign. Why not? You’ve already prepared your email list for your holiday cards. Check our newsletters, blogs, eCard samples & tips, and pics of the day to get ideas on how to keep in touch with your customers and employees throughout the year. Also follow us in social media and sign up for our email newsletter to get more tips throughout the year. Make 2019 the year you achieve more!

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