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The New Year is just 3 weeks away - Schedule your New Year's Cards Now

Have a Stellar New Year eCard

We have a great catch phrase here at CorpNote, "Set and forget it." It only takes a few minutes to create, address and schedule your New Year's eCards. Then on a pre-selected date of your choice, CorpNote will send your New Year’s eCards. It's that simple!

What date should you choose to send your New Year’s eCards? We recommend sending New Year's eCards between December 26th and January 7th. Most people check their email during the holiday and definitely when they are back at work after the New Year; but, you know your audience better than we do! For example, I like to send my business holiday cards on the second business day after New Year's Day because my business contacts have hopefully gotten through their cluttered email inbox by that time! For my friends and family, I like to send my New Year greetings on New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day.

For more tips, check out the section for "When should I send my Holiday eCards?" in our "Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Season's Greetings Holiday eCards" whitepaper.


This New Year's eCard was inspired by one of artist's love of NASA's pic of the day. It was created from start to finish in Adobe Illustrator.

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Hope you have a stellar new year blue space galaxy stars

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