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Don't Forget to Send Thank You eCards for the Gifts you receive this Holiday Season

Have you ever sent a holiday gift to someone and never heard from them that they received it? I have and there are several phases that I go through each time.

Stage 1: Did they receive it?
Stage 2: How do I ask that they received it without embarrassing them if they did?
Stage 3: I found out they received it and said they were sorry but they were too busy to let me know.
Stage 4: I am annoyed that I had to spend time, during my equally busy holiday, to track down the receipt of a gift.

Sigh...So, save someone the time and preserve your friendships by quickly and easily sending a thank you eCard. With CorpNote, you can even prepare a thank you card template in advance so it's easy to just fill in the blank when you go to send it.

For example:

Thank you so much for the (gift description here). It was thoughtful of you to think of me at such a busy time of the year. Your kindness is appreciated.

Best regards,


It took me less than 2 minutes to compose the above thank you eCard message. It not only acknowledges the receipt of the gift but that I am thankful for the relationship. And in our busy, cluttered lives, it's important to remember that friendships and client relationships are definitely worth saving.

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