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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today isn’t just for couples – it’s also a great time to show your customers how much you appreciate them. A little thanks can go a long way in maintaining a business relationship or any relationship for that matter!

Today's pic is Valentine's Day themed but we have lots of different thank you eCard designs to choose from so you can find the perfect one that matches your style and purpose. Thank you eCards are a great way to let colleagues, employees and clients know how much you appreciate them. And you can send a thank you eCard in as little as 60 seconds so there’s no excuses!

You can also post thank you eCards in social media. For example, if a customer or fan posts something positive on your social media channel, you can easily post a thank you eCard in response. A graphic based social media post generally gets more attention than a plain text post. Refer to our tutorials for more on how to share your eCards in social media.


This thank you eCard is part of our glimmering gold series.

eCard Category:
Occasions: Thank You/Appreciation

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Red fabric with gold heart flourish

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