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New Invitation Design with Matching eCards for Pre and Post Event Notices

Easy RSVP Online Invitations

From webinars to in-person events, this new invitation design can be used for customer, employee or personal event invitations. This design also has a full range of matching eCards that you will need to run a successful event including a “Reminder” eCard to send before the event and a “Thank You” eCard to be sent to all of your attendees after an event. There is also a matching eCard for sending a post event survey which will help you when planning your next event.

CorpNote is advertising free and all of our invitation designs can be branded specifically to your company. Your custom signature can include your company’s logo, email link, phone number, street address, social media links, and link to your website. If you want even more customization options, our individual and multi-user memberships both have the option to display your company’s logo and colors at the top and bottom of all your CorpNote communications. Your custom branded interface will display to you, (your members if using a multi-user account) and all recipients who view and respond to your invitations, surveys and eCards. To learn more, visit our personalized company branding options page.


This new invitation design was created in Adobe Photoshop by using a watercolor brush, a vignette on the edges and a transparent band to accentuate the text of the eCard.

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Occasions: Event Invitations

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