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Birthdays Never Get Old

Schedule or automate birthday cards to be delivered on a person's birthday!

Birthdays are special no matter how old someone is so why not send this new birthday card to someone on their special day! Did you know you can schedule birthday cards now to be delivered on a person's birthday?

If you have lots of people you want to send birthday cards to, we’ve also made it easy to send recurring birthday greeting cards to be delivered year after year on their birthday. All of our birthday eCard designs, or any of your uploaded eCard designs, can be used with our recurring birthday eCard feature.

Here’s how:

  • create an Address Book ‘Group’ with all your birthday card recipients
  • create birthday card templates
  • choose ‘birthday’ as the recurring card type
  • assign your recurring birthday card templates to the group of contacts you created

As your birthday cards are sent, you will see them in your account and can track when they have been viewed. Recurring cards also work great for employee anniversaries, holidays, appointment reminders and more!

Did you know that you can upload your own card designs? Check out our tutorials to learn more on how to "Create Your own Designs from Photos or Graphic Art."


This new birthday card design was created in Adobe Illustrator with a slight gradient applied to the tribal design.

eCard Category:
Occasions: Birthday

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