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Online Surveys Can Help with Product Development

You responded to our online survey and we listened! We added a new feature today to help all our members who conduct online surveys.

Sometimes you will post a survey and get a lot of responses in the beginning and then a few will come in sometimes days or weeks afterwards. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell CorpNote to send you an email when you get a survey response? Well, now you can! When you add or modify a survey, there is now a new question - Would you like to receive an email when someone responds? The great part is CorpNote will only send one email per day regardless of the number of survey responses you receive that day. How cool is that?!

Here are some ideas for creating helpful online surveys of your own:

  • Get feedback on your products, services, or company practices.
  • Learn which new products and services your customers want.
  • Assess the results of events, initiatives, and training sessions.

Let your customers and employees know that you care about their opinions and send an online survey today!

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