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Congratulations Greeting Cards - Celebrate Important Milestones

From business events to family milestones, a Congratulations greeting card is an easy way to let someone know you appreciate their success. This eCard is perfect for both business and personal use. For example, if you have a client or employee that is celebrating 5+ years with a company, congratulate them! According to Forbes magazine, the average time an employee has stayed with a company is 4.6 years.

Touching base with your clients and employees on a regular basis is a great way to keep your company in mind and show your appreciation. Simple touches, like a congratulations eCard, thank you eCard, and even birthday wishes go a long way in retaining long term relationships with customers and employees.


This congratulations eCard was created using one of the standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop to create the background. The text and border were set to have a 50% opacity to let the background peak through. Did you know you can create your own designs and upload them into your account to be used as eCards. Learn more by reading our tutorials.

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