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Congratulations – Purple is finally getting the recognition it deserves

Purple has always been my favorite color. It’s a rich color made up of two primary colors. Maybe its appeal comes from the purple seen in our galaxy or its association with royalty and wealth. But most likely, its appeal is because it is a rare color. Look around you. With the exception of flowers, some vegetables that most kids won’t eat and occasional purple sunsets, sadly purple is not a predominant color in our day-to-day lives. Perhaps that is why it so special when we do see it.

Did you know? The Pantone Color Institute has decided that the color of 2018 is Ultra Violet. Ironically ultraviolet rays are invisible to most humans.


This new eCard is part of a series of digital art cards that we've designed using brilliant jewel tones and glimmering gold flourishes. The text and decorative flourishes were composited in Adobe Photoshop where we then applied styles to give it a gold metallic effect. First, we filled with a gradient overlay of varying tones of yellow and brown to emulate a gold color. Then we used the inner bevel tool to create specular highlights. A soft drop shadow against the purple background completes the effect.

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Occasions: Congratulations

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