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Combine a Save-the-Date eCard with an Online Survey for Better Event Planning

Warmer weather, anyone? Today’s Pic of the Day was created on a cold, cold January afternoon as possible sub-zero weather was being reported. So how does a CorpNote artist deal with the weather? With a healthy mix of denial and optimism, of course! We make a new CorpNote eCard design series!

This new eCard design has a matching invitation, reminder and thank you eCard so you can have a consistent look from before to after the event. This set is perfect for meeting planners, or anyone having a warm-weather event. And since you can now send this warm-weather CorpNote, why not make your next event have a tropical theme?

Our Save-the-Date eCards are great for letting people know your event is in the planning stages and they will be receiving an invitation soon. This type of eCard is often used by event planners who want recipients to be able to put their event in their calendar ASAP even though the event’s specific details haven’t been finalized. Obviously, you don’t have to be a professional meeting planner to send this card – but it’s guaranteed to make you look like one.

Did you know that you can also combine a Save-the-Date eCard with an Online Survey to get initial feedback from potential attendees? Beyond just getting an idea of head count, you can even ask questions to help customize the event to your guests’ interests, to make your event an even bigger success. From activity recommendations to meal preferences, save the date eCards are a great resource to help you prepare for an upcoming event.


The flowers in this new eCard were created in Adobe Illustrator using CorpNote’s unique “flower generator”. The way it works is that you create a shape that looks like half of a flower’s petal – in this case a hibiscus. The program does an automated routine that makes a mirror image of the shape, forming a completed petal. Then the program duplicates and rotates the petal a certain number of times, based upon the type of flower. (In this case it is 5 petals.) Once the flower is formed, we hand-tweak the color gradient, which is applied to each petal symmetrically. Then we hand draw the pistil and stamen.

The cool thing about using this technique is that we can reproduce a wide variety of flower types quickly, by altering the petal profile shape, number of petals and the colors used.

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