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Saint Patrick's Day - Hope you have a Lucky Day!

This Saint Patrick's Day eCard can really be sent anytime of year. Who wouldn't want an eCard wishing them a lucky day?
We've included the traditional Saint Patty's Day green color but that's no ordinary shamrock. Four leaf clovers are considered very lucky. Did you know current estimates are that you might find one four leaf clover per every 10,000+ three leaf clovers? So it is truly lucky if you find one! I bet you didn't know this piece of trivia. There are also five leaf clovers and some people claim they have found clovers with even more leaves - up to 56!  
We'll have to start looking at clover more carefully once the snow finally melts here in the Northeast US where CorpNote is located. Hopefully warmer weather is just around the corner. Sigh...
We hope you have a very lucky Saint Patrick's Day!


This Saint Patty's Day eCard was created on cardstock with a black Micron .45 pen. The background was doodled using a slightly thinner Micron. The two elements were scanned and then altered in Adobe Photoshop by using various techniques such as under painting and using effects such as inner glow and drop shadows. 

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Holidays: St. Patrick's Day

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