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Saint Patrick's Day - Luck of the Irish

This new Saint Patrick's Day eCard will help you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by wishing someone the 'Luck of the Irish.'
Why the term 'Luck of the Irish'? Some people say it comes from the 'Little People' or Leprechauns of Ireland. In Irish folklore, leprechauns, like other fairy creatures, are said to be of the Irish magical race of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Rumor has it that Leprechauns store a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and finding or catching a leprechaun is a lucky event that can only take place in Ireland.  Leprechauns have the magical power to grant three wishes or they can give you their pot of gold. Either way, that would be pretty lucky! 
This Sunday is Saint Patrick's Day but many people are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday and Sunday this year. Reminder - CorpNote enables you to create your Saint Patrick's Day eCards now and schedule them to be sent on Saint Patrick's Day.

Comments: This Saint Patrick's Day eCard was created in Adobe Photoshop. The background textures were created using a variety of brushes and then changing the opacity and hue of the layers to get the Saint Patty's Day green colors. The top and bottom decorative border was created in Adobe Illustrator and then brought into Photoshop as a layer which was then texturized.

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Holidays: St. Patrick's Day

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Wishing you the luck of the Irish Saint Patrick's Day

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