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Channel Your Inner Artist - How to Create Your Own Happy Birthday eCard

There is a definite difference in style with hand drawn vs. computer generated art. This is an example of a hand drawn happy birthday eCard that was created with traditional art materials and then scanned in and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop. Our members can do this too by creating hand drawn art and then uploading it to their CorpNote account. This is perfect for birthday eCards where you want a personal touch.


How can you create a hand drawn birthday eCard of your own? Here's how we made this eCard...A sketch was drawn with a mechanical pencil and outlined with a micron liner pen (.5 mm). Copic markers were used for color and a white gel pen was used for the stars. We scanned the image at 300dpi and then cropped it to a 4x3 aspect ratio. We adjusted levels and touched up the image in Adobe Photoshop. A vignette was applied around the whole image to make it look dreamy. We then added text and saved the image as a 600px by 400px  .jpg.

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Occasions: Birthday

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