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Celebrating Spring with this New Birthday eCard

This new Birthday eCard was created with spring in mind. It’s been a colder than usual winter here in the Northeast U.S. and we’re looking forward to the first day of spring tomorrow. Hopefully it will bring warm weather our way!

Sending birthday eCards is one of the most popular reasons people use CorpNote. Our birthday eCards can be pre-scheduled for delivery or set to recur year after year so you never forget someone’s birthday. They can also be posted on social media pages. And if you’re having a birthday party, we also offer birthday invitations with online RSVP tracking.


This Birthday eCard was created from a pencil sketch that was colored with Prismacolor markers. The background was also created with marker. Both images were scanned and then effected and composited in Adobe Photoshop.

There are so many ways eCards can be created. You can use photos, digital art or traditional art made with colored pencils, markers, acrylic, watercolor and more. We’ll be posting tutorials soon on how to make your own eCards using all of the above techniques. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and/or follow us in social media channels to be notified as soon as new tutorials are posted.

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Occasions: Birthday

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