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Birthday eCards are our most popular type of card people send. Even though CorpNote is primarily a business eCard service, many people use CorpNote to send birthday eCards to not only business associates but to family and friends. This new birthday eCard suits all three of those audiences!

If you are sending a birthday eCard to a customer or client, you could also include a coupon to celebrate their special day. For a birthday eCard to an employee, you might consider including a special 'gift' from the company such as a day off or lunch at a local restaurant.

We hope you enjoy sending this birthday eCard! Even if it's belated birthday wishes, it's never too late to make someone's birthday extra special!


This birthday eCard was made using a festive photo of fireworks and the text and banner were added in Adobe Photoshop. The eCard shown has blue lettering but we also offer it in pink.

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Occasions: Birthday

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