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New eCard Designs With A Sunflower Theme

With the burst of unusually warm weather in March, people are thinking of spring and sun! This may have contributed to a recent customer request for eCard designs with sunflowers. Whatever the case may be, we were happy with the idea and we created this new sunny eCard design.
This is just one example of the many new eCards with sunflowers in various categories like thank you eCards, birthday eCards, congratulations and more. This sunflower is large but a few of the new eCard designs have just a tiny sunflower somewhere within the image. I guess this is CorpNote's version of Where's Waldo. Can you find all of the sunflowers?
We love hearing from our customers. Please send us your requests!


This beautiful sunflower eCard was created using a combination of Illustrator for the layout and Photoshop for the painting.  We hope you enjoy our new sunflower eCard line!

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