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Celebrating Spring Birthdays

This new birthday greeting card celebrates spring cherry blossoms.

This new birthday card was inspired by the beautiful, blooming cherry trees that are a hallmark of the warmer spring weather we are enjoying. Want to send a little spring cheer but for a different occasion? No problem! We’ve also included this new cherry blossom design in many other greeting card categories such as invitations and thank you cards.

Did you know you can create your birthday eCards now and schedule them to be sent on your contact's special day? You can also use our Recurring eCard feature to completely automate the process of sending your birthday eCards year-after-year so you never forget someone’s birthday.

And speaking of birthdays…

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We created this birthday eCard design using two graphic design programs. The cherry blossom elements and coffee cup were hand drawn using Procreate on an iPad Pro. The design was then arranged into a composition using Adobe Photoshop. We then added the frame and the text for several different occasions.

Did you know that with CorpNote you can design your own birthday eCards in any graphic design program (just like we did) and use CorpNote to send them? Visit our step by step eCard creation tutorials for instructions.

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Occasions: Birthday

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