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An announcement is generally known as a formal statement about something; but, with the prolific use of email, text messages, social media, blogs, and websites, announcements are sometimes less formal and more frequent than they may have been in the past. With CorpNote, it's quick and easy to create an eCard and send it to your email list as well as post it in your social media channels and website.
Even if your 'announcement' distribution channel is only social media, an eCard is a perfect way to add engaging imagery to your post. More people will pay attention to a post that has an image instead of just text.
Top 6 reasons to use an announcement eCard:
  • New product or service announcement
  • Employee recognition such as promotions, awards or other achievements
  • A change of business location or a new office
  • Contests and other promotions
  • A company milestone
  • Fundraisers and charitable contributions 


This announcement eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Occasions: Announcement/News

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