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Mother's Day Greeting Cards – A Yearly Hallmark of Spring and Flowers

You can create your Mother’s Day eCards any time of year and schedule them to be sent.

The US celebrates Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. Not only is it a time that people reach out to their own mother but it's popular for people to wish a Happy Mother's Day to friends, co-workers and customers too.

Mother's Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, usually in the months of March or May, and has inspired other familial celebrations such as Father's Day and Grandparents Day. Send this Mother's Day eCard to someone special this Mother's Day.

With CorpNote it's easy to create your Mother’s Day eCards any time of year and schedule them to be sent. You can also use our Recurring eCard feature to completely automate the process of sending your Mother’s Day eCards year-after-year so you never forget a special mom.


This new floral inspired Mother's Day eCard was created using Procreate on an iPad Pro. We then added the text using Adobe Photoshop.

We have lots of Mother's Day eCards to choose from but did you know that with CorpNote you can also design your own Mother's Day eCards in any graphic design program and use CorpNote to send them?  Maybe you have a Mother's Day sale you want to promote or a special photo you want to include - visit our tutorials for step by step instructions on how to create an eCard design.

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