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New Mother's Day eCard - Mother's Day is this Sunday

In the U.S., Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It became an official national holiday in 1914. That's exactly 100 years ago!

Not only is it a time to reach out to your own mother but it's popular for people to wish a Happy Mother's Day to wives (if you have kids), grandmothers and friends too. This Mother's Day eCard can be sent to all of the above and even posted in social media to send your Mother's Day greetings.

A related holiday, Father's Day, was officially recognized in 1972 and is celebrated in the U.S. 5 weeks after Mother's Day. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Don't forget to send your Mother's Day eCards by this Sunday!


This Mother's Day eCard was created in Adobe Photoshop using a photo and a text treatment on top. Look for this card design in upcoming CorpNote tutorial on how to make your own eCards from photos or other digital art.

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