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Wishing you a Sunny Day!

There's something about being outside on a sunny day that brings me back to being a kid. Saturdays were usually chocked full of excitement and activities, but Sunday was my day to play in the yard, ride my bike or scavenge some nails and 2-by-4's and add on to my treehouse. The tyke in this shot has the right idea. Enjoy the day right up until the setting sun. Enjoy your weekend!


Photo was shot in Yorktown, VA overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The silhouette effect was done in the camera by manually setting exposure. In the original photo the sky was mostly orange. The image was further colorized in Photoshop using the "colorize" option on the Hue-Saturation-Luminence adjustment tool (shortcut is ctrl+u).

Business Tip:

Overcoming adversity situations, e.g. "Hang in there!"
Casual invitations, e.g. "Want to hang out?"
Motivational events - climbing, reaching new heights.

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Blank Cards: Nature, Sky, Water

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