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It’s Never Too Late to Wish a Happy Birthday

Candle and Cupcake birthday eCard

If you think about it, a birthday is a 'birth day' – the celebration of the day someone was born. So, even if you’re years late sending someone a birthday eCard, your well wishes will still be appreciated!

Fun Fact: It is a tradition to place candles in a birthday cake and then blow them out while making a birthday wish. But where did this tradition come from? As it turns out, Ancient Greeks baked round cakes which symbolized the moon and the candles represented the reflected moonlight. This was done as a tribute to the moon goddess Artemis and was said to bring good birthday luck!


The elements for this birthday eCard design were created in Adobe Photoshop using the vector drawing tools. Check out our video tutorial to see how this eCard was made and how to make an eCard design of your own.

Even if you don't have Photoshop, don't let that limit your creativity! There are many excellent photo and image editing solutions available, both as web-based apps and as affordable software. With CorpNote you can upload any art or photo that you create, as long as it can be saved as a JPEG (or PNG, BMP, etc.) file.

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