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Birthday eCards for Employee Recognition and Customer Appreciation

This time of year, summer, the most popular card category on our site is birthday eCards. Many of our customers are sending birthday wishes to friends, but they are also using birthday eCards for employee recognition and customer appreciation.

For a birthday eCard to an employee, some of our customers include a special 'gift' from the company such as a day off or lunch at a local restaurant by typing their message into the eCard. For customer birthday wishes, you might consider including a coupon or gift certificate in your birthday eCard. If you have a website that allows customers to enter a coupon code, you can add this code to the text of your eCard. Alternately, many people simply type "print out this card and present it to the (cashier, waitress, etc.) when you pay your bill."

If you're handy on a computer, then you can even create a custom card image and upload it into CorpNote, that has the coupon details right on the card design. (CorpNote lets you upload up to 36 custom designs into your account.)



All of the elements in this eCard were created in Adobe Illustrator. The color palette is neutral so this birthday eCard can be sent to any age and either gender.

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Occasions: Birthday

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