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Why not welcome Mondays?

Why feature a welcome card on a Monday? Because my day started like this:
(Phone call from a client) Me: "How are you doing?" Them: "You know... It's a Monday." (client sighs.)
So let's have an attitude adjustment, people! We had a great weekend. We've (hopefully) got a job to go to and a week of potentially rewarding challenges to look forward to. All in all, life is good. So chin up, shoulders back and smile. Today's the beginning of a GREAT week!


In the photo shoot for this image we chose to be a little bit retro and use fine China and a really nice pen that feels so good in your hand it inspires you to write. Quite a difference from today's dime-a-dozen disposable pens and cardboard cups! (How many of you have a fine pen laying around that's run out of ink, and you haven't bothered to find a refill for it? I'm guilty as charged.) 

Business Tip:

A great card for sending people meeting confirmations or meeting schedules before an event. Good for welcoming people to networking groups, especially morning card swaps and the like.

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Occasions: Greetings

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