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You’re Invited to Send as Many Invitations as You Like

Here are some fun facts about invitations: Businesses used to hand-write all their invitations or use a type-writer and mail invitations. It was tedious and time consuming! Online invitation services were made available in the late 1990’s and it literally changed everything. Here’s something else amusing to ponder… Many invitations have been hand written using a ballpoint pen and the ballpoint pen was invented only 80 years ago! Look at how far we’ve come in just the past century!

This new eCard invitation was designed to be sent for business seminars, networking events or any business meeting. Even though CorpNote was designed for business use, we also have a selection of invitation eCards that can be used for casual get-togethers too. And with CorpNote, you can invite an unlimited number of guests and you can keep in touch with them anytime and from anywhere.

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