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New Birthday eCard Appropriate for Friends, Employees and Customers

Stellar Birthday eCard for employee recognition or customer appreciation

The most popular eCard category in the summer months is birthday eCards. Many people are sending birthday wishes to friends, but they are also using birthday eCards for customers and employees. For employee birthday eCards, some of our customers have gotten creative by including a special 'gift' from the company such as a day off or lunch at a local restaurant. For customer appreciation efforts, companies are including a coupon or gift certificate as part of their birthday eCard. For example, if you have a website that allows customers to enter a coupon code, you could add this code to the text of your eCard. Alternately, you could tell the customer to "print or show this eCard when you pay your bill."

Did you know you can schedule birthday cards now to be delivered on a person's birthday? Be sure to check out our tutorial on addressing and scheduling your eCards.


All of the elements in this eCard were created in Adobe Illustrator and then effects were applied in Adobe Photoshop. The color palette and theme is neutral so this birthday eCard can be sent to any age and either gender.

Business Tip:

Sending birthday eCards can be a little tricky when they are given in a business setting. Whether it's a birthday card from a business to a consumer or from a business to a client, the eCard must be professional and the greetings should be kept to a minimal, unless you know the person really well.

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Hope you have a Stellar Birthday! Stars galaxy swirls space

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