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Happy Anniversary - Smooth Sailing into the Next 365 Days

This new anniversary eCard not only celebrates another year of accomplishment but also hopes that it’s smooth sailing in the year to come! The etymology of the word anniversary is Latin, literally translating to “returning yearly”. Send this anniversary eCard to recognize the anniversary of a client, employee or business friend who has either made your journey ‘smooth sailing’ over the past year or to anyone who deserves recognition for the past year’s endeavors.


This anniversary eCard was created on the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and Procreate. A sketch layer was created and then traced using the ink brush on a new layer. Color was then added using various brushes that come as part of the Procreate App. The final art was then brought into Adobe Photoshop and the anniversary message text was added to make the final eCard design.

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Occasions: Anniversary

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sailboat spraypaint sketch blue green yellow orange teal Anniversary

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