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New Tropical-Themed Invitation – Perfect for Summer Parties

Having a summer party? This tropical themed invitation might be just what you’re looking for! This invitation design has a matching save-the-date, reminder and thank you eCard so all of your party communications can have a consistent look.

When one of our members asked to create a 'tropical themed' invitation, hibiscus flowers immediately came to mind. Did you know that hibiscus flowers are native only to subtropical/tropical regions and there are several hundred species in the Hibiscus genus? One species of Hibiscus (hibiscus cannabinus) is extensively used in paper-making. It’s called kenaf paper. Hibiscus flowers can also be used to make tea which is served hot or cold. Hibiscus tea is known for its red color, tart flavor and vitamin C content.


This invitation design was created in Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool was used to create the hibiscus flowers and the pattern. The beach scene in the stamp was created using the gradient tool Adobe Photoshop.

Did you know you can create your own eCard and invitation designs and upload them into your CorpNote account? Visit our tutorials to learn more.

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Occasions: Invitations

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