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Send your Best Wishes with Flowers

Send your best wishes with this cheery new eCard. Flowers are a common design element for greeting cards but did you know many flowers have health benefits?

A recent Japanese study conducted on office workers proves that exposure to flowers in the workplace is beneficial. In workers who viewed a vase of roses for just four minutes, the parasympathetic nervous system was triggered which tends to reduce heart rate and relax muscles!

We don’t know if the flowers in this eCard will cause the same health benefits but hopefully your recipient will appreciate your well wishes!

Business Tip:

This eCard design began as a lunch room sketch as one of artists was looking at a picture of poppies in a garden catalog. She then photographed her sketch with the iPad Pro and traced it in Procreate. The sketch was then colored in Procreate and exported as a PSD file so it could be imported into Adobe Photoshop. The text and the border were then added using Adobe Photoshop.

Did you know you can create eCards from your own photos or artwork and upload them into your CorpNote account? Visit our tutorials to learn more.

eCard Category:
Occasions: Congratulations, Encouragement / Inspiration

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